Friday, December 21, 2007

Eating L.A.'s 2007 top L.A. food trends

Eating L.A. is going to break down the Best in Food 2007 into two parts: today, Top L.A. Food Trends; next up, Top Tastes of the Year. And don't worry, there's no Pinkberry involved.
L.A. gets Frenched: Bastide and Comme Ca were the high-profile openings, while on the quasi-Eastside, Sgt. Recruiter serves oysters and wine, Mes Amis goes bistro, and Cafe Stella expands.
More places to spend money: From small shops offering only the best (Froma's prosciutto from La Quercia) to medium-sized celeb-magnets (Joan's on Third expands, the Little Next Door opens) to mega-foodie amusement parks (Whole Foods Pasadena), it's been a good year for buying rare and pricey groceries.

L.A. gets its just desserts: Boule Atelier expands on the jewelbox patisserie; Crumbs and its more-is-more cupcake, Paulette macarons and Sno:LA sweeten up Beverly Hills; Milk adds ice cream sandwiches and such to the mix; Lark brings Silver Lakes the cupcakes it needed.
The city gets a buzz: LaMill Coffee will soon join Intelligentsia Coffee in Silver Lake; all of a sudden, it's not so hard to find a decent cup of joe anymore.
Local food writing has a hell of a year: Jonathan Gold wins the Pulizer; the L.A. Times debuts the Daily Dish food blog and a much-improved Guide section with more food tidbits; Epicurious spiffs up its Epi-blog with contributions from Neal Pollack, the dad everyone loves to hate; the Michelin Guide debuts in L.A. but fails to wow foodies; Los Angeles magazine publishes the definitive guide to eating locally in its November issue.


Jessica said...

What's the story with Neal Pollack-- why is he the guy we all "love to hate"? I've been reading his entries on epi-log for a while now, and I've really enjoyed his writing... Is there some backstory I'm missing?

Pat Saperstein said...

Neal Pollack and his stories about his son seem to drive the people at Gawker crazy. L.A. doesn't seem to care, but since he's from New York, they've set him up as some sort of whipping boy.