Sunday, December 02, 2007

Around town part deux: more Silver Lake Italian

The gentrifying train chugs along...longtime Filipino spot Manila Sunset, one mini-mall over from Rambutan and Pho Cafe, is being replaced by Andiamo which will offer pizza, pasta and salads. So far, it looks kind of chainish, but it won't be opening for a while, so we'll see what happens. Is anyone ancient enough to remember the Afghan restaurant Magnolia that was once located in this large mini-mall?

As we said a few weeks ago, it's going to be a while before Barbrix wine bar on Hyperion is remodeled and open for business. In the meantime, you can sample their cooking by having Claudio and Adria Blotta and Matthew Poley cater your holiday party. Call 323-939-5523 for information.

Anthony Jacquet from the Getty Restaurant and Michael Morgan from Simon LA have taken over at the Grove's Whisper Lounge, which lost husband and wife team Chris and Kristine Bocchino to Malibu's Terra. If you're forced to shop during Christmas madness at the Grove, Whisper Lounge is actually a quiet, hidden spot (across from Barneys, near the parking garage) to grab a glass of wine and rest your dogs. New dishes include sizzling chili garlic prawns and scallops with Spanish olive oil and grilled ciabatta.


Anonymous said...

Manila Sunset is actually moving to a strip mall on Santa Monica and Vermont so you can still get your fix of bibingka and pancit palabok there.

United Bakery remains as one of the last Filipino food establishments in Silver Lake. Thank God they they own their building! Gentrifying hipsters will have to wait longer before turning this mom and pop place into a import furniture store or an over-priced ethnic-fusion restaurant.

Poor Boy said...

I met one of the owners of Andiamo- he lives in Silverlake. A chain, hardly. It's a unique concept started by four friends/family from New Jersey with a vision of bringing great food here to Southern California. The chef is classically trained and has a 4-star rating. Pizza goes green is the tag line used most often by the owners when describing their take on the modern pizzeria- organics (provided by local growers), composting, bio-packaging and energy efficient eqpt and lighting are just a few of the advances they hope to bring to the community.

Anonymous said...

Nothing "chain-ish" about Andiamo.
This welcome addition to Silver Lake will be the anti-thesis of Dominoes or Papa John's. Just read what Chris Cunningham had to say...aka..Chrissy Caruso. He is right on the money with his assessment of Andiamo not too mention the Andiamo nation which will soon follow....