Thursday, November 08, 2007

Silver Lake Wine: bigger and boozier!

Checkout counter at the front of the store with empty shelves waiting for hard liquor

Silver Lake Wine re-opened tonight after a light remodel with a better traffic flow, more space for wine, and a design that allows for selling liquor up front. The tasting counter in back is twice as long, which allows for easier bellying up to the bar on crowded wine tasting nights. The red flight was particularly nice at tonight's well-attended tasting, especially the 2005 Pinot Noir from Sarah's Vineyard.

A much longer tasting bar

The store seems more spacious, with vertical wine racks, the cashier counter at the front and more room around the wine displays. April explained that the hard liquor is required to be placed at the front of the store, because an obscure licensing law says that you can't carry a bottle of booze past a tasting area. The liquor will be stocked following tomorrow's inspection, if all goes well. Sunday's tasting is Port and food from chef Audrey Bernstein, which sounds like a good time.

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