Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paging Gordon Ramsay: Dilbert needs you

Interesting article in the New York Times business section, The Tables Turn for Dilbert's Creator, about "Dilbert's" Scott Adams taking over the management of Stacey's at Waterford restaurant in the northern California bedroom community of Dublin. It's unclear whether some of Adams' ideas for turning around the money-losing restaurant, such as associating the restaurant more closely with the comic strip, will attract more patrons, but it's worth a try.


Jessica said...

I live very near to Dublin, and when trying to decide where to have dinner tonight I checked Stacey's website. I'd never been before, and when reading the online menu I noticed a campy zinger accompanying every dish description that struck me as rather unusual... Perhaps the work of the newer, more comical (?) management.

Spot The Difference said...

I'd love to hear more about anyone experience eating there. The Gordon Fans would like to know if the Restaurants survive after Ramsay's visit.