Friday, November 02, 2007

Coolest L.A foodblogs: your recs?

As a commenter noticed recently, the mainstream media doesn't mention very many niche foodblogs out of L.A. I try to highlight interesting new ones, but I don't always add them to the blogroll until they show some staying power. I'll admit right up front that I don't find most cooking blogs that interesting -- the design and recipes both have to be really stellar to grab my attention. So here's a few fun blogs that come to mind, and if anyone adds more to the comments, I'll add them into this article if they pique my interest.
For some reason, Bandini's Great Taco Hunt seems to be mentioned more than almost any other blog. Very cool, but let's dig deeper.
Potatotomato, from two graphic designers, has very nice photos and brief reviews. The gals are in Paris right now, I'm jealous!
Burnt Lumpia offers some creative cooking ideas and other musings from a distinctly Filipino point of view -- like the purple ube gnocchi,pictured above right.
Wandering Chopsticks has recipes, local restaurants and travels, concentrating of course on Asian food.
(I'm not sure it's a requirement to be Asian to have a good foodblog in L.A., but it certainly helps.)
I like blogs that concentrate on one subject, like tacos or ramen (the rameniac himself at left), but I also appreciate the ones that focus on neighborhoods, especially when they mix restaurants, urban development and other local news.
Tannaz covers the neighborhood around Farmer's Market; so does Blackburn and Sweetzer and also Santos from Meet Me at the Corner of Third and Fairfax.
Atwater Village Newbie probably isn't much of a newbie anymore, but still a good resource, while NELA's York Blvd. is brand new. It might be nice to get some sense of who is behind York Blvd., since I think with blogs, the more personality the better. And on that note, I can't leave out L.A. Is My Beat, from frequent commenter Ellen, which bursts with her colorfully-knitted and bespectacled personality. She has a separate blog linked from there for her restaurant reviews.
What's your favorite L.A.-area based blog with restaurants or recipes or neighborhood news?


Anonymous said...

My blog isn't all food, but I thought I would throw it into the mix too :)

I've been out with Strep this past week, so I have a few write ups in my pocket that I need to post.

I'll be going to Comme Ca tonight, I'll be posting a review to add to the dozen or so other reviews that have already popped up around the LA blog-o-sphere.

H. C. said...

Well... I really dig foodfake, haha - seriously, I personally enjoy the mix that's on Digesty LA, and also Pleasure Palate, KT's "Gastronomy 101", Erin's Kitchen (may she have lots of better eats now in the big apple), Clare K's "Rainy Days and Sundays", and PoetKitty's "OMG Food" (though that hasn't been updated in a while, did she go through blog burnout too, or just a bit busy with her novel?)

Anonymous said...

Am I allowed to self-plug?! My blog is all about vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Occasionally I feature some of my own cooking as well, but most of the time I leave the dirty work to the pro's... check it out: To Live and Eat in L.A.

Anonymous said...

how about caroline on crack and the delicious life...very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Has the best pictures. I don't know how his mise en place is always so neat and well-organized, but he always makes everything look beautiful.

KT said...

I have to plug my man "Acme Instant Food" (

His is a cooking blog, but he's such a good writer, it cracks me up every time. And the recipes are very creative.

tannaz sassooni said...

thanks for the nod! i'm a long-time reader of this blog, how fun to be mentioned in it!

Anna said...

OishiiEats, if only for when her crazy mom posts comments...but she's had a fairly awesome Vietnam travel-and-eat-ologue going on over there lately, too. oh, and bf is Dylan of Eat Drink & Be Merry.

Anonymous said...

back in June, i wrote a post at my blog about my fave food sites (yours being one), and i agree with h.c. about "OMG Food." i want PoetKitty back.
living in Culver City (yes, i take culinary advantage of that), i really enjoy Bree's "Triplecreme" at it's a great resource for Westside eating, and Bree is not afraid of trying new things.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

For us Koreatowners, I like these three:

1. KBloginla. Korean culture and food. Lots of BBQ and other Korean food reviews.

2. Sku's recent eats. Runs the gamut - pupusas, cheese, doughnuts, bourbon.

3. My culinary adventures. Great photos and videos.

Anonymous said...

I thought, as you won best blogger in Los Angeles (beating my ass!) they might've done more than mention you in an offhand way, buried deep in the piece. At least they mentioned you. We know how allergic the LAT is to people who live and accomplish things in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the shoutout! I'm flattered that you enjoy my blog.

Ellen Bloom said...

You are such a doll! Thanks for the mention...hahahahah...
"colorfully-knitted and bespectacled personality."

I like too for Westside reviews! I just love meeting fellow bloggers around town. Bree from Triplecreme spotted me at an artshow in Culver City a few months ago. Isn't the internet great?

pleasurepalate said...

I have quite a few foodie blogs I enjoy eating, a couple you've mentioned and others mentioned in this comments section. To add to the list, there's:

Chubby Panda

Deep End Dining

LA & OC Foodventures

Monster Munching (alhough more OC)


Anonymous said...

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