Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drinks report: Sgt. Recruiter

The cheerful young barman

It's starting to get a lot more Frenchy in these parts, what with Figaro Bistro, Mes Amis and the expansion of Cafe Stella. And now the Spanish-themed Cobras & Matadors has spawned a petit bar à vin with the curiously un-Gallic name of Sgt. Recruiter.

Nice fresh oysters of several varieties

It's a sweet little spot with a brief menu written on the mirrored wall behind the bar -- frites, moules, oysters, onion rings, socca. Some good French wines at reasonable prices. A few Belgian beers, but none on tap. Salud!


Unknown said...

Did you ask Mr. Arroyo where he got the name from? My college roommate swore by a place in France called "Sgt. Recruiter" that had, according to him, the most amazing charcuterie.

Pat Saperstein said...

You are so right, Michael! It's funny, because I've eaten plenty of ice cream on the Ile St. Louis, but I've never been to Au Sergent Recruteur, which looks very tasty.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Recruiter is a famous place, as mentioned, on the Ile St. Louis that's known for its charcuterie and vegetable plates. I haven't been in years but remember the place offering giant portions of cured meats and cheese and whole vegetables that they'd basically just toss onto your table in an overflowing basket. Very, very french but almost a bit too rustic for that rarified part of Paris.