Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Soy Cafe expands to Atwater

Soy Cafe's lemongrass chicken bahn mi

We stopped in at Soy Cafe today to find out about the tiny Vietnamese spot's expansion into Atwater. While keeping the spot on Hyperion (maybe with even more bahn mi!), Soy Cafe is opening a larger cafe near Starbucks -- basically across the street from Indochine. Soy Cafe's owner Viet says that unlike his sister-in-law's Pho Cafe on Sunset, he specializes in a more North Vietnamese style. The new shop will concentrate on noodles, particularly bun and northern style pho -- which apparently has flat noodles, no basil, and will come in chicken and vegetarian varieties. Viet plans a grand opening after Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! So now I have Canele, the new wine bar, AND Soy Cafe just a couple of blocks from my house! Not to mention Tacos Villa Corona!? I'm never moving!

Miles said...

I agree with Anna B. Let a new restaurant row grow! Don't forget the El Salvadoran place and the Cuban place too. Throw in some ice cream and an old bar, and why live anywhere else!