Thursday, October 11, 2007

Picky Eaters: Do they really get it from you?

...and why Jerry Seinfeld's wife sounds like a real dweeb, is the subject of the New York Times article Picky Eaters: They Get it from You, today's most emailed post. Except that reading the article, you find out that even though some researcher says it could be genetic, there's plenty of people who will eat anything who end up with picky children anyway. Take Hugh Garvey, a Bon Appetit editor and blogger at Gastrokid (Note to L.A. Times: the blog is actually linked to the story, in an amazing feat of modern technology.) See, even food writers have picky kids. Not that I'm sensitive about that or anything.
So back to Jessica Seinfeld, who if you believe that she actually cooks for her kids, apparently hides beet puree in pancakes and spinach in brownies, as detailed in her new book Deceptively Delicious. Yuck. If you have to resort to that, just give the little buggers a vitamin or something and call it a day.


tannaz sassooni said...

Interesting article, but this bit floored me: "Instead of flying to Prague, Sasha’s parents decided to go to Barcelona, where they hope the food will be more to his liking."

Are they for real?

Kate Coe said...

The perfect karmic payback for a chef is a kid who's picky. Our oldest ate only white food for the first 10 years of life and now eats everything.

The Seinfeld kids will have bigger problems than finding out about the avocado in the pudding.