Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Boots Pizza comes to Echo Park; more from Eagle Rock

Suebee from the Silverlakeboulevard blog brings us news that New York's Two Boots Pizza will be moving in next to the Echo...I've never had their pizza, is it any good? Echo Park could certainly use more dining options, so this is good news.

My faithful Eagle Rock reader tells me that Elements Kitchen, the Pasadena caterer, may take over the space Townsend Gallery space on Colorado with take-out options, baked goods and coffee.
Also, a Japanese restaurant is moving into the flower shop on the corner of Shearin and Colorado...and,
Lemongrass may be expanding into the space that was supposed to be Michaelangelo's.

I'll have to hop over to NELA and investigate...any excuse to try the fish 'n chips at the York.
Speaking of drinking options, Senor Fish in Eagle Rock has applied for a liquor license...if it's approved, a Bohemia would certainly go down well with a few fish tacos on the patio.


Anonymous said...

If this is the "Two Boots" from NYC (Grand Central, Bleecker, etc), Echo Park will have the best pizza in L.A.

SensuousGourmet said...

I love Two Boots in NYC and look forward to its L.A. debut.

Anne said...


Wow- am excited to hear that a Japanese restaurant may be coming to Eagle Rock, but what happened to Michelangelo's?? I was so looking forward to it....do you have more info?


Anonymous said...

While Two Boots isn't even really representative of NYC Pizza for me (think Grimaldi's, Lombardi's, East Harlem Patsy's, Sal & Carmine's, or even Joe's/John's), it's pretty good in a pinch, despite being a sandy bottom crust (corn meal!). slice.seriouseats.com will tell you more about NYC Pizza than I ever could. Will be good to have a decent late night slice place in Echo Park, even if it's not the quintessential. - Eric

P.S. This town does have good pizza by the way. Just lacking the coal-oven splendor of NYC's greatest.

Anonymous said...

Yippy! After feasting on Two Boots pizza for 8 years in NY I am convinced this is exactly what Echo Park is craving--down right great pizza with a touch of interesting. When is it slated to open?