Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Google map of Chowhound's Ultimate restaurants

Mapping is all the rage these days. Here's Stanley Kwong's Chowhound's 100 Ultimate Restaurants mapped on Google, broken down by price, no less. Thanks, Stanley.

And here's a map of Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential L.A. Restaurants.

Note to those whining that their neighborhood isn't well-represented: If you live in Redondo Beach or Simi Valley, you probably didn't move there for the restaurants. Does it really come as such a shock that some areas have more well-regarded restaurants than others? If you disagree, feel free to let me know. Still, I think the most under-appreciated restaurant area right now could be North Hollywood.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that there is an "Eating LA" Google Map too?

Eating LA Map

I run a site that compiles restaurant reviews from all over the place. One of the features is that it allows restaurant bloggers to Embed a google map of their reviews into their blog. You can read more about it at http://www.foodieview.com/blog/

You can also see maps & lists of restaurants that have won awards and polls.

Hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think. Also, definitely let me know if you find any mistakes (like our matching a restaurant to the wrong post).

Daily Gluttony said...

couldn't agree more about north hollywood. i worked there for 5 years & i would do anything to have the same caliber of restaurants here in the anaheim/placentia area where i work now. if only i could have skaf's lebanese grill or all my thai joints back. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Is it fair to call that Chowhounds top 100, i see some glare errors and some obvious ommisions, maybe in a week or 2 I will do my own. Maybe Chowhound should do a poll and vote, open the voting for 1 week and see what we come up with.

oddlyme said...

"Still, I think the most under-appreciated restaurant area right now could be North Hollywood."

Pat! Tempt us, taunt us - how can you say that and not give us your list?!

Would love to see your North Holylwood favs (and you don't even have to do a google map of 'em!)

Jeff Massie said...

Here's a list of North Hollywood restaurants that IMHO deserve to be in Zagat's, yet only the ones with asterisks have made their cut:

° Angelena's
° Barsac Brasserie*
° Ca' Del Sole°
° Eclectic Cafè
° HealthyCA
° Hy Mart
° Le Petit Chateau
° Little Toni's
° Maximillian's*
° Mucho Màs
° Ned's On Magnolia
° Philadelphia Sandwiches
° Pit Fire Pizza*
° Poquito Màs*
° Royal Garden
° Salomi
° Sanamluang
° Sitton's
° Steak Joynt
° Swinging Door
° Tokyo Delve's
° Villa Sorrento

I only included places with NH addresses rather than Studio City or Toluca Lake (so, no Caioti, Nozawa or Chez Nous.)

I don't think there's any other area in southern California with as many underrated restaurants, ignored by the official arbiters or restaurant taste.

Jeff Massie said...

And here, by popular demand ;), is a Google Map of my list of underrated restaurants in North Hollywood:


Ted Ridgers said...

never trust chowhound. people on chowhound are generally cheap in mind and behaviour and are generally mean, biased and not reliable.