Sunday, May 27, 2007

Restaurant Historical Society rocks Clifton's

Brookdale Lodge near Santa Cruz, inspiration for Clifton's

There was a nice crowd for the Southern California Restaurant Historical Society meeting feturing Charles Perry, D.J. Waldie and Clifton's owner Robert Clinton. It even got a write-up headed Hungry for history at Clifton's in the Times, thanks to Larry Gordon. Since Larry summed it up pretty well, I'm not going to summarize the speeches...instead, I thought I'd pull out some relevant postcards from my collection. Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria, we learned, was inspired by the amazing Brookdale Lodge near Santa Cruz, which is said to be haunted. And I'm really sorry I missed Clifton's Pacific Seas cafeteria, above, which had a wild tropical theme. I also picked up a copy of Chris Nichols' new book, Leisure Architecture of Wayne McAllister, which is a great tour of California and Las Vegas restaurant and hotel history.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I wanted to know if you would check out Il Cono in Bevery Hills. Was just wounding what you though about their products.


Anonymous said...

Until recently Clifton's gave out free postcards with illustrations of various parts of the interior. Alas, there were no more last time I asked.

Anonymous said...

I went to Clifton's for my fisrt time last Saturday with the whole family. What a great place! I plan on going back soon.