Sunday, May 13, 2007

Does Oprah cause inflation?

Eating L.A. hears that after Yuca's got a visit last week from Oprah, who was apparently lured to the unprepossessing taco stand by Grey's Anatomy actor Eric Danes, prices seemed to suddenly rise. The local high schoolers, who keep pretty close tabs on Yuca's prices, also report having spotted owner Dora checking out another Mexican restaurant somewhere in Hollywood, ostensibly with the idea of taking it over.
Which reminds me, whatever happened to Loteria Grill's Hollywood location?


LA City Nerd said...

Yes, word on the street is that Yucca's is looking to open another location. We can confirm that to be true. This is an expansion location, not a relocation location.

Anonymous said...

Some people are sheep, what makes Oprah an authority on food, Jonathon Gold she is not! Yucas is great, been going since they opened. But please explain how Oprah thinks The Counter is the end all to hamburgers! I enjoy your blog very much!

Burger Boy

brian said...

Probably good that prices are going up. I shouldn't be eating that food too often. Your blog is great. Still going strong. Part of the reason i put my blog back up.

Anonymous said...

they took over casa diaz on hollywood blvd.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with the owner of "Loteria" last summer at a "Share Our Strength" food and wine festival in Culver City last summer, and he mentioned that he'd open a place in Hollywood, but I wondered what happened myself.

Anonymous said...