Monday, March 12, 2007

Doughnut time with Kevin Smith!

Update as of 1/09: Fritelli's is now closed.

I stopped in at Fritelli's in Beverly Hills on Saturday just as director Kevin Smith was picking up several dozen peanut butter 'n jelly filled doughnuts. The display case was picked pretty clean after the carb-loving helmer left with his daughter, so I chose an espresso doughnut (far left), a Vermont maple cake doughnut, a chocolate with white chocolate curls ("like a normal chocolate doughnut, but classy," said Sophie) and a maple cruller. I'm not really a big doughnut person, but I liked how the espresso doughnut wasn't too sweet -- it's a very grown-up doughnut. They also pulled an excellent espresso made with a custom blend from Groundworks coffee, a nice complement to the espresso doughnut. (Yes, actually I prefer coffee to sweets.) I'm sure it wasn't all Kevin's fault, but I didn't see any sign of some of the more exotic flavors -- apricot-filled, green apple fritter, Meyer lemon zest glaze -- so I guess it had been a busy morning. This is the place if you like your sinkers not-too-sweet with no trans fats and ingredients like Callebaut chocolate. But if you're just looking for that pure sweet doughnut rush, you might be better off at Primo's or Stan's.


Just Jake said...

I wonder if peanutbutter and jelly filled donuts are part of KS's (he talks about his ongoing weight loss program on his blog) new diet plan?

If it works, sign me up.

Kyle said...

That is wild! I was there too, at a table behind a laptop....

Enjoy your blog.