Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wine 101 and a tipsy bear

The last two nights I've been taking an Introduction to Wine class at the Wine Hotel on Third St. I've tasted plenty of wonderful wines, but I really felt like I needed some kind of framework to base my tastings on, and it's hard to get that when you're just lurching from winery to wine shop tasting to restaurant bed. If you're a single guy, you'll want to check out these classes, as there were about 16 attractive women and just one guy! The teacher ("Reece, as in Reisling") was engaging and informative and we got to try some really good wines from the Wine Hotel's small, selective wine shop. I took home an intriguing bottle of Cabernet from Bear Trap Canyon Winery (about $20), which we were surprised to hear is in the foothills of Angeles Crest National Forest near Acton. I had no idea they were making unusual cabs right here in L.A. County, but it's definitely worth a try. And if your wine knowledge could use a brush-up, I would recommend the Wine Hotel's Introduction to Wine Class.

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