Friday, February 02, 2007

Restaurants coming soon, and one that never will

  • Milk on Beverly Blvd. at Poinsettia opens Thursday, Feb. 8, just in time for some Valentinue's treats. The cafe will have milky things like ice cream bonbons and ice cream sandwiches, as well as bakery items, breakfast, soup, salads and coffee drinks. The phone number is 323-939-6455.
  • If you were waiting for the last two or so years for the opening of the Franklin Hills Cafe on Hyperion, wait no more...the sign has finally come down and the quaint cottage is to become an Auctionworks outlet, for people who want to sell stuff on Ebay.
  • Also on Hyperion, Maui Smoothies is taking quite a long time to open, strangely enough, next to Svelte Yogurt and down the block from the upcoming Pinkberry.
  • More optimistically, Capriccio's Pizzeria on Hollywood Blvd. has all the interior fixtures, and looks like it could be opening soon.

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