Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday notes: Du-pars and Yai

Du-Par's has its grand reopening Monday morning, but unfortunately Eating L.A. has a doctor's appointment and won't be able to report on the festivities. I have a feeling it might be better anyway to show up later unannounced and see if there's still anything worth eating there. At left, the now-15 year old Chowteen waits for his pancakes at Du-Par's, circa 1992. (Update: Psych! Cancelled the appointment, couldn't stand to miss the festivities. Will report on Monday.)

Closer to home, Los Feliz and Silver Lake Thai food lovers are eagerly awaiting the grand opening of the new Yai Cuisine on Friday Jan. 19. The original Yai at Hollywood and Wilton is one of Thaitown's most authentic spots, but the neon and formica ambiance kind of sucks. Here's hoping this location (on Vermont in the giant strip mall just down from Jon's Market) combines the excellent incendiary beef salad with a slightly easier on the eye design and better parking.

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