Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Food resolutions for 2007

This comes from a question on Chowhound, but I thought I'd share my list with you folks.
  • Make more creative vegetable dishes and really enjoy them. Braised baby bok choy with shittakes, anyone?
  • Learn to cook more meat dishes like my recent shortribs success for my carnivore son, especially with inexpensive cuts of meat.
  • Buy a bento box and bring a bento box lunch to work a few days a week.
  • Try more random restaurants without waiting for recommendatIons from others.
  • Cuisines I need to try more of: Korean, Ethiopian

What are your food resolutions for the year?


Ellen Bloom said...

I like your resolutions, Pat. The only one I'd add to your list is: Try NOT to eat at the Original Farmers Market more than once a week.

I'm often there for meetings, etc. and I get stuck with the less than appetizing choices. Really, most of the food stalls have average food. It's the atmosphere that keeps me going back!

Anonymous said...

well you're living in the right town if those are the two cuisines you need to try more of. we are fortunate to have both cuisines, quite close to each other, in their own little villiages and cultural centers. viva la!

christianne said...

Mine is to make more seafood dishes at home. I'm always afraid of overcooking fish -- and stinking up the joint. I started with linguine & clams last night, so we'll see if it continues or not!

Unknown said...

These resolutions come from Carter, who couldn't log in:
Find good quality red wines at affordable prices, especially those from Argentina and Spain.
Try more Argentinian and Moroccan restaurants, in addition to your selections which are on my list as well.
Hope the lunchmeat craze taking over all restaurants would die today. Good as it may be, it is still lunchmeat!

Unknown said...
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H. C. said...

The bento box idea sounds really fun -- if you want a cheapy everyday one you should check out the two stores (one's a discount, the other specializes in dining ware) in the Mitsuwa Plaza in Little Tokyo.

My food resolution is to eat out less @ fancy places (esp. now that student loans enter full-force repayment O_O) and to find ways to make/keep healthful meals tasty and interesting (though my "bloody mary salad" was a dismal failure last night.)

Pirikara said...

Haha, "buy a bento box.." cute. I've always wanted to get into making pretty bento boxes myself. Kamaboko and furikake always make up pretty bento boxes.

jblogs said...

i agree with your vegetables resolution. i just had a sweet curry sauce and cashews over steamed cauliflower dish at houston's in pasadena. who knew i'd get a new way to cook vegetables idea from houston's!

Anonymous said...

Re: Korean Resolution

This summer, try some neng-myun on a hot day. You 'll fall in love!

Buckwheat noodles in a big bowl of icy cold, vinegary beef broth and garnished with thin slices of cucumber and beef.

Makes my mouth water to think of it.