Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eater's Digest

On occasional feature in which I talk about places I've been that don't add up to a full review, or other food-related items.
  • I took one of the steps in my food resolutions and ordered a bento-like lunchbox on the Internet from Laptop Lunches. I guess they're meant for kids to take their lunch to school, but it looked more practical than some of the Japanese boxes that don't close tightly.
  • Eating L.A. finally stopped by La Maison du Pain on Pico to try the croissants. I had a decadent almond croissant and a rich raisin bun...both were quite wonderful and hard to put down, although there's something just a bit too greasy about them. I couldn't eat these every day, but boy, what an indulgence with a cup of coffee on a rainy, busy day. I didn't get to try the bread, but the whole wheat baguette looked intriguing.
  • On Kathy's birthday, we stopped by Thai Patio for dinner with her son. This time the food was spicier than the first time, and it was all quite good, not to mention accompanied by a quietly kitschy Thai pop band. The steamed whole trout in lime broth is a winner, and even the plainer dishes liked the fried tofu with cashews were nice and zesty. So many good choices in that mini-mall now!

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