Sunday, January 28, 2007

Eater's Digest Sunday

Sorry, no long-form reviews this week...I can't decide where to eat next! So a few snacking and media notes of note...
Sunday New York Times: Annoying New Yorkers have children who are uber-foodies, of course, learning to sculpt foie gras and slice sushi practically in the womb. And of course there's a blog called Gastrokid, which includes a groovy interactive map of kid-friendly restaurants.
Also in the New York Times Magazine cover story (nothing much of interest in the L.A. Times, what a surprise): In Unhappy Meals, Michael Pollan tries to sort out whether it's worth listening to all the scientists and their various food pronouncements when deciding what's healthy to eat. I'm sorry to say, I read it while eating a cinnamon roll, but it's still a very valuable article.
We tried the pie at the new DuPar's -- the people at the bakery counter in Farmer's Market were utterly confused about how to sell one piece of pie. Sam liked the cherry pie; it seemed a bit gloppy to me, but that's what you get for ordering cherry pie in winter. The danishes and doughnuts looked pretty good, though.

If you haven't checked out the beer selection at Cap n' Cork on Hillhurst, you'll be very pleasantly surprised. We tried a Smoked Porter from Stone Brewery which was perfect for dessert. Their Belgian beer selection is quite amazing...and they have seven kinds of Unibroue from Canada, which I've been enjoying quite a bit lately. (Hint: they also have a few Unibroue beers at the otherwise-lackluster Ralph's on Glendale Blvd., at a reasonable price.)

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