Thursday, January 25, 2007

Eater's Digest, 1/22

I had a lovely lunch with Layne at Azami Sushi on Melrose the other day to talk about her budding Manifeasto blog. Azami is already much-beloved by the Chowhounds, and it's nice to know about another good sushi place striking distance from my office. The sushi chefs and waitstaff are all women, but I certainly couldn't tell whether their hands were too hot to make sushi! We ordered ultra-fresh nigiri including halibut, beautiful shiny tuna that seemed to be glowing, yellowtail, mackerel, a tempura mushroom dish that wasn't super-successful and spinach ohitashi. Everything was carefully and modestly garnished so nothing needed extra soy sauce. I hear the omakase is wonderful here, so hopefully we'll be back soon.
Update: As of mid-2008, Azami is under different ownership, so proceed with caution.

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