Saturday, December 23, 2006

Quick bite: Halal Tandoori

eggplant bharta, at right
I know a lot of people in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area area are desperate for more takeout and delivery options, so I was glad that when I finally got around to trying Halal Tandoori, it turned out to be a solid Indian option. Located in a large, busy mini-mall at 4th and Vermont, next to a Korean pirate pub, it's a modest Indian-Pakistani restaurant with a fairly standard menu, but I think it's a least as good as Agra and likely better than Electric Lotus. We ate in the restaurant, ordering eggplant bharta, chicken biryani and then we thought we ordered lamb madras, but we ended up with chicken madras and decided to stick with it.The garlic naan was fresh and pillowy, and everything was clean-tasting and well-spiced. (Next time, I might try ordering hot instead of medium.) There's no beef on the menu, but plenty of chicken, shrimp, fish, lamb and vegetable dishes to choose from. The biryani seemed a bit boring after the saucy Burmese version we had in San Francisco, but we managed to gobble everything up with just a few shreds of chicken left behind. And there was no heavy sheen of oil left behind like some Indian restaurants seem to have.
Halal Tandoori is open 7 days a week and they said they'll deliver at least as far as Hyperion -- call and see if they'll deliver to your hood too.
Halal Tandoori
401 S. Vermont Ave.
(213) 383-9976


Anonymous said...

They deliver to Echo Park. We've been ordering from them for a few years off and on. They've always been really friendly and the food is consistent.

Whitners said...

Thanks for this info. I am ALWAYS looking for a good Indian restaurant. Being a vegetarian, Indian food never lets me down.



Julie said...

Thanks. Especially that photo. Now I'm starving for Indian and tomorrow everything is closed. Feh.

Anonymous said...

Actually, their sign says
MAKKAH Halal Tandoori, so look for THAT name. lafoodblogging reviewed them favorably about a year or so ago, though with a picture that appeared to be a different location.

based on one try last night, I'd give 'em a 3 1/2 out of 5, though it may be that tandoori and naan just don't travel well...

Throwaway said...

i used to eat here when i lived a few blocks away, 5 years ago, and i loved it-- the management prob'ly hasn't changed. not fancy, just solid and homey. i also think that kind of food doesn't work so well take out :D

Anonymous said...

This was far and away the nastiest Indian food I have ever eaten. Although India is supposed to be the cradle of vegetarian cuisine. The buffet only had one vegetarian Item. It was alleged to be curry, but it tasted like dollar scoop chop suey with dish soap in it. The bread was only partly cooked and the salad was nothing more then shredded lettuce! My own cooking is better than this!

I feel really sick now. Please don't eat here