Monday, June 26, 2006

A healthy nite's snack

vegan blt, vegeburger, salad with pumpkin seeds and mung bean stew
Getting something to eat before a film at the Arclight can be a bit challenging: the Hungry Cat is expensive and fully booked; Los Balcones de Peru is so pokey you'll miss the film; and who can really handle another thousand calorie burrito at Baja Fresh? I won't even mention the cafe at the Arclight -- a nice place to grab a beer, but use caution when eating. Today I was invited to try the Nite Moon cafe at Golden Bridge yoga just across the street from the back of the Arclight. The large, airy space which once housed the car dealership that sold Cadillacs to Elvis Presley has been reinvented as a spiritual refuge with vegan BLTs and chocolate beauty bonbons to boot. In addition to dozens of yoga classes and spa services, there's a branch of Ron Teeguarden's Dragon herbs which sells restorative elixirs (and the excellent chocolate beauty bonbons). The cafe is open until 9 Monday to Thursday and for lunch Friday-Saturday, with selections like the tasty BLT (I was so taken with it, I bought soy mayo and tempeh bacon at the store today!), a flavorful Tikka Masala vegeburger and organic brownies. After spending a relaxing afternoon at Golden Bridge, you'll feel like you want to move in and dance with your eyes closed to bhangra music all afternoon before downing a Goji berry smoothie.
Nite Moon Cafe
6322 De Longpre Ave.
(323) 988-4052
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Anonymous said...

Lovely to meet you today... and wasn't lunch great?