Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What the French are good at...

foie gras hors d'oeuvre; Josie LeBalch with her quiche
Besides sex and fashion, the French do rather well at food and film. Eating L.A. stopped by the opening night of the City of Lights, City of Angels French Film Festival to see Francis Veber's charming screwball comedy "The Valet" and sample some hors d'oeuvres prepared by local chefs who are members of the Club Culinaire of French Cuisine. The chefs outdid themselves, with a selection of mostly fish-oriented snacks and champagne. Standouts included Jean-Pierre Bosc's opera de foie gras and Alsatian tart; soba with smoked salmon from Maison Akira's Akira Hirose; soupe de poissons with rouille croutons from Jean-Francois Meteigner; ahi tuna napoleons from Patrick Jamon and Josie LeBalch's signature quiche. The Club Culinaire has several events throughout the year open to the public, like the June 11 picnic in Griffith Park and the bargain-priced bistro dinners for $45.

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