Wednesday, April 12, 2006

News: Eat Well, Koda and more

There seems to be a lot of action on Beverly Blvd. between La Brea and Fairfax...Kathy reports that Eat Well is advertising for staff at 7385 Beverly, which is currently Cafe Tartine. Cafe Tartine may have imported its bread from Paris, but it never seemed to find its audience, as we say in the film business. Perhaps this will cut down the wait time at Toast...
and the L.A. Times reports that San Francisco chefs Quinn and Karen Hatfield are taking over the Le Chine Wok space for a dinner-only restaurant with market and tasting menus.
...and of course there's the new place from the owners of Grace, in the Opaline space, which we mentioned last week.

Koda, the new sushi bar which replaced Cirxa on Sunset in Silver Lake opens this weekend with Anchor Steam beer on tap. Guinea pigs, anyone?

Franklin Ave.'s Mike and Maria didn't have a very good time at Memphis...guess they should know my Rule of Trendy Hollywood Restaurants: They are not about the food. They exist so patrons can drink, and see, and be seen. Period. I'll be happy if anyone wants to prove me wrong, though. But from everything I've heard about Geisha House, Citizen Smith and their ilk, the rule pretty much holds true.

Don't forget, this weekend is the Thai Songkran (New Year's) festival at the Wat Thai temple in North Hollywood. Bring water pistols and your appetite! It's open Saturday and Sunday from around 10 to 4 or so. Here's my report from last year. And do not miss the grilled Thai sausages.
Wat Thai temple
8225 Coldwater Canyon Ave.
North Hollywood


Anonymous said...

Hi. I check up on your blog daily and I really enjoy your site! Thank you. I live in the neighborhood and a new restaurant I recently tried is ASIA on Los Feliz Blvd in Atwater. "Neo-thai"... I know, kind of a newbie but tried it and I was pleasantly surprised. An extensive menu with a wide range of dishes ranging from pizza, pasta, Tom Kah Lobster Bisque, steak and Sushi and what I had so far have been all tasty and solid. The must-haves are the seared steak salad, mac n' cheese with foie, Lobster Bisque, steak, marinated cod. Would love to hear what you think.

Pat Saperstein said... time leave your name, please. Not sure I really need a restaurant that serves pizza and sushi, and I've heard it's rather pricey, but thanks for your comment.

Bri Ana said...

The Thai Festival sounds amazing! Oh man-o-man, I can't imagine a better way to spend Sunday afternoon.

The Dabbler said...

Though EAT WELL is sure to draw a crowd, is the food really that good? How about the food at TOAST? I have never been that impressed. JAR has a great brunch, you can make a reservation, get seated exactly when you arrive, and actually hear the voices of the people you're with. Probably only 10% more than the other places in cost. But again, I guess LA is not about the food but about being seen...and the people who want to be seen probably find JAR a little too grown-up.

Also, re: food at Citizen Smith -- it's actually not bad. Really reasonably priced and a good alternative to Baja Fresh for a pre-Arclight bite. The decor, however, is god-awful.

KT said...

I'm partial to brunch at Cayenne Cafe, next to the New Beverly. The times I have been there I haven't had to wait at all and the pancakes were delicious.

Toast is only okay ... but I hadn't thought about going to Jar for brunch. I'm going to try that sometime ...

mattyshack said...

I'm sad to hear that Tartine is closing. I really did enjoy the food and service there. But they did seem empty all too often. Mostly because I think parking was a bit of a pain, especially when other restaurants along that area offer valet.

Toast is way over rated BTW. I prefer the food at Quality or Doughboys. My newest/favorite spot is Posh on Pico.

LYT said...

I'm always a willing guinea pig for new sushi.

alex or eric said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Thai Songkran festival. It sounds incredible. Hopefully this rain will make for a sunny day to spend outside, trying to get a taste for durian. - Eric

Anonymous said...

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