Monday, March 27, 2006

Tasting notes

Haven't gotten to anyplace worthy of a full review's a few notes from places I've been the last week or so.
New Concept: We returned for dim sum, this time with a reservation -- no hour wait, yay! With six people, we had a great selection of dishes. Standouts were the lotus root stuffed with shrimp, the mushroom/pinenut/abalone dumplings, the Shanghai dumplings and the shark fin dumplings, although the green wrappers have gone from natural looking green to positively flourescent green, it seems.

Verdict: I like Sea Harbour a bit more, but New Concept definitely has some dim sum standouts. Here's my New Concept review from exactly a year ago.

El Compadre: A few posters on Chowhound tout El Compadre as their Eastside Mexican restaurant of choice, so we tried it out with the carne asada-munching Chowteen. Verdict: You gotta love the flaming margaritas, and the guacamole was mighty tasty. But all our dishes seemed overly greasy. So I'm going to have to stick with Malo and Barragan's, unless I'm in the mood to make a meal of guacamole and flaming margaritas. Also the mariachis are pretty loud, but a drunk guy did fall off his barstool, which was kind of entertaining, in a midget-tossing kind of way.

Hop Li: Some people choose this place as their favorite Chinatown restaurant, so we went back to try it out. I remembered the Peking duck wasn't bad, but couldn't remember anything else. Verdict: We didn't have the duck this time, but our dishes were underwhelming. If there's something I missed, please leave a recommendation for what you like there. Otherwise, it's back to Full House Seafood if I'm eating in Chinatown.


bza said...

I had undoubtedly the best Chinese meal of my life at New Concept, including my trip to China.

Though the crab must be ordered in advance and cost a bundle, it is well worth it. Prepared three ways, unbelievably delicious.

This meal, however, was almost two years ago, and the chef has probably moved on since then, so this info is most likely useless. Sorry.

Anne said...

Wow- I can't believe you found stuffed lotus root! I can see it is a bit different from the Japanese version (which is not in a sauce) but I have been looking for this izakaya staple for awhile. I finally just winged it and made some on my own last week. I'll definitely have to try this version. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

MM..I've never had stuffed lotus but the similarly stuffed Japanese eggplant or mushroom is also very tasty. By the way, i noticed you mentioned frog ovary sacs in your profile. Do you mean real frog or is it a certain type of clear tapioca that just looks like frog sacs? If real, I'd love to know more about it.