Sunday, February 05, 2006

Preview: Ford's Filling Station

mini lamb chop at Ford's Filling Station
Chef Ben Ford, previously of Chadwick, is opening Ford's Filling Station in Culver City on Valentine's Day. I had a peek of the gastropub-style menu and the space at an opening reception Saturday -- dad Harrison and Calista also stopped by -- and it looked like a worthy addition to the slowly blossoming Culver City restaurant scene. Ford wants his new place to be more informal and looser than Chadwick's, which focused on organic, sustainable cuisine. This restaurant has a clearly manly slant, with offerings running to Maytag blue cheese burgers, shortribs with horseradish mashed potatoes and Berkshire Hog pork chops. There's also a selection of flatbreads with unusual toppings like lamb pesto, for snacking on with beers on the patio. We sampled an array of cheeses and pates (charcuterie will come from suppliers such as Salumi) and appetizers like shrimp po'boys, mini lamb chops, a very savory beef tartare and lentil bruschetta. Ford's will start opening for lunch in March, which should certainly make the folks at Sony happy.
Ford's Filling Station
9531 Culver Blvd.
Culver City
(310) 202-1470
Archived comments:
Anonymous said...

Just saw the place driving by last week! Can't wait to try it. So many places opening in CC, do you know what UGO is? It was next to Ford's I think... Love your site.

Steve Wasser said...

I work right down the street, so I'm going to jog over to taste test a lunch! Nice picture preview.

Anonymous said...

I loved Chadwicks which was on the cusp of being profitable when it closed. I'm not even going to make a snide remark about Ben's cheap bastard of an old man.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing. Visually unattractive. DO not honor reservations. Don't get entrees out at the the same time for the table. Couldn't wait to get home and brush my teeth to get the bad taste out.

Anonymous said...

Ford's Filling Station should change their name to Ford's UNFULFilling Station. Do they think everybody's on the Zone or something? Cannot the Young Ford ask Pappy ford to throw in a few cents so they can offer paying customers a few for micks per plate? Oy, yoy, yoy...