Monday, February 27, 2006


I had heard that chef Rodelio Aglibot had left Yi, but I didn't know what he was up to... It turns out he's going to take a three month "culinary sabbatical" (got any room in your suitcase, Rod?) to India, Southeast Asia, Turkey, etc. He'll be documenting his travels on his blog Swininganddining. Bon voyage!

Just discovered New York Times' restaurant critic Frank Bruni's blog Diner's Journal. Of course, it's completely New York-centric, but it's a nice idea, and one that the L.A. Times could certainly emulate.

And if you're a fan of Frank Bruni, then of course, don't miss the Bruni Digest, an entire blog devoted to mocking the critic's writing. If only S. Irene engendered such passion...

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