Friday, December 23, 2005

Eating L.A's best of 2005

It's been a good, long year of eating around L.A. Here's a few of the highlights:
1) Discovering some new Thai dishes at Red Corner Asia.
2) Returning to Sea Harbour for great dim sum.
3) Learning a lot more about cheese thanks to Barrie Lynn, Chris and Norbert.
4) Great Chinese at Crown Cafe and Newport Seafood, among others.
5) Cupcake mania and my guest appearance on KCRW -- I never want to see one again.
6) Finally, somewhere healthy to eat at M Cafe de Chaya.
7) A small plates odyssey that ended up with a great meal at Orris.
8) Ethnic ice creams all over the city.
9) Three cheers for Musha, Haru Ulala and all the izakaya places
10) Cozy Italian at La Buca.


Erin S. said...

Re: Red Corner Asia--thanks to your recommendation, tried this place out Sunday night. I had the salmon with spicy basil leaves and it was delish--just spicy enough (for my somewhat wimpy palate), still allowing the basil to shine through. Also tried the duck noodles (dry) which were great as well--the duck fat nicely coated the noodles and the sauce was slightly sweet.

Thanks again for the rec.

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Thai Spices said...

Was looking for reviews for best Thai food and we tried Red Corner Asia. We ordered the Tom Yum fried rice - super yummy and spicy!! We also had the Crab Pad Thai which was delicious as well. Thanks for the great recommendation.