Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Chowhound's 2005 Ultimate L.A. restaurant poll

Hardworking Chowhound Mr. Grub has finished compiling his 2005 Ultimate L.A. restaurant poll. For some reason, I didn't vote, I guess because I rarely get to eat in the nicer places unless I'm invited for a press dinner, so it somehow doesn't seem fair. But I think the rest of the Chowhounds did a pretty good job. The top five choices are:
1) AOC
2) Spago
3) Providence
4) Sona
5) Angelina Osteria
The best part is that places like La Buca, Zankou and Langer's edge out many of L.A.'s most pricey and trendy places, so there's a nice balance.
Of my current favorites of the places I've actually been to, I might go with:
La Buca
Sea Harbour
This list seems a lot more accurate than the Zagat list, although not without its own quirks...what do you think?


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zagat's is for people on expense accounts who may or may not be chowhounds--they require a good place to wine and dine their clients and that need to impress comes first.

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