Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday musings

The new 2006 Zagat Survey for L.A. is just out.
The good news:
-Thank god, they got rid of those horrible geographic divisions. When I'm looking for a restaurant in a hurry, I really don't want to stop to ponder the difference between Hollywood, mid-Wilshire and Beverly Hills.
-It's nice to see A.O.C. jump to the top of the Most Popular list, even if it is a bitch to get in there.
-Also cool: Sea Harbour up near the top of the Chinese list. Zagat continues to improve in the east-of-downtown offerings. The Thai winners are still pretty pallid, though. Typical misstep: "Nadpob is slowly drawing customers with a fairly typical straightforward menu." Sure, if you call Germany pork leg, yum bloody clam, and red wine fish maw "typical."
The wierd news:
-What on earth is Brandywine, and how did it make the top food list over Spago, Campanile and A.O.C.? Could Woodland Hills really be hiding such an amazing find, or does it just have some very devoted patrons who voted early and often? Of course, Brent's Deli also got a high 27 score, but at least I know it has a lot of fans.
- So, so sad the Cheesecake Factory remains the pinnacle of dining for so many L.A. residents. Oh well, more for us.

Also, coming soon in the neighborhood:
Auntie Em's is expanding into the space next door with a cheese counter, gifts and more, opening in a few weeks.

Pazzo Gelato is opening soon in Silver Lake next to the Town 'n Country Bakery on Sunset. With Zanzabelle in one direction and Pazzo in the other, ice cream is coming at me from every this a good thing or a bad thing?


El Propheto said...

Couldn't agree with you more about Cheesecake Factory -- the entire chain is officially designated as my nemesis. However, Brandywine really is a great little find. They only have maybe a dozen tables, it is very quiet and romantic, with great service. The food, while not particularly creative, is simply excellent. It's a bit of a schlep, but worth trying out.

donl said...

Glad to find you like cheesecake bistro too. There are lots of free recipes for you to try here: cheesecake bistro Thought you may like them.

Ms. Olson said...

do know an opening date for pazzo gelato? who is the owner? i'm dying for some! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Some updates/neighborhood news :
-Auntie Em's market space is up, runing & adorable.They also have a little refrigerator case w/ small packs of 4 minicupcakes to go-cute !
-Also in the gelato dept :"The Hollywood Gelato Co" is opening in the old Moss House (kid's stationary store), across the street from the Alcove on Hillhurst-says spring 2006 opening.
-Tigerlily is new on Vermont across from the Dresden in the doomed space, but looks really nice at night. Asian/Indian fusion.

Urban Epicurean said...

Pazzo Gelato just opened three days ago! And it's mmm-mmm good!

I had the hazelnut chocolate with cantaloupe gelato - doesn't taste as weird as the combination sounds. For two medium cups (2 scoops each) expect to spend $7.00+.

Bon apetit!