Monday, October 24, 2005

BLOG PARTY TUESDAY! and other bits and pieces

Reminder...please join us at Malo from 7 to 9 on Tuesday for a toast to Eating L.A.'s 100,000th visitor. See you there!

Sorry for the slow posting time to check out new places, and Eating L.A.'s teenage companion (son, that is), only wanted to go to Yuca's and Saito. Both were excellent, however, and both would make excellent introductions to the L.A. scene for a visitor. Yuca's, because the tacos, burritos and tortas are pretty good for a place in semi-ritzy Los Feliz, but also because the customers are a great microcosm of the neighborhood -- firefighters, rumpled yet fashionable 20somethings, Save Griffith Park activists, electricians, teenagers, all sharing the ripped cast-off furniture and the tastiest carne asada tortas in the hood.

cochinita pibil and carne asada tacos from Yuca's
And Saito because where else can you get lovely, fresh albacore sashimi, shitake mushroom sushi and tuna sushi, park right in front, easily get a seat at 7 on a Friday night, sit next to an ex-member of the Circle Jerks and chat with two rocker-looking dads and their boys while poor Saito tries to cater to three picky kids (including mine, that is.)

Glad to hear Indochine on Glendale Blvd. is opening next week -- we can always use another Vietnamese place, since Gingergrass is too crowded for a casual dinner.

And finally, it's kind of sad to see Noura on Melrose close...I spent a lot of time there in about 1981 or so. But I'm interested to see what David and Michelle Myers of Sona do with the space when they open Sokyo there next summer.

Oh, and perennial thanks to Chowhound poster Carter, the best source of restaurant news in the city.


Clickbank Mall said...

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Anonymous said...

Closing Noura on Melrose is SO WRONG. There is no way these new trendy eateries can compare with the memories and simple goodness that places like Noura will forever hold.

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