Sunday, August 28, 2005

New in Silver Lake: Zanzabelle, Soycafe

Silver Lake continues to spout new eating, drinking and snacking sites:
Zanzabelle is a darling cafe next to the Coffee Table on Rowena with ice cream, pastries, candy and vintage toys. Cafe seating on the grassy front lawn includes kid-sized Adirondack chairs and umbrella tables for grown-ups.
Soycafe is a tiny Vietnamese cafe next to Cuffs bar on's open on weekdays only for breakfast and lunch. Viet, the owner, makes his own soymilk as well as bean curd topped with ginger. I didn't ask him what possessed him to open a fresh soymilk cafe on a godforsaken stretch of Hyperion, other than that the rent must be reasonable. He'll be serving Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches as soon as he can find a baguette that meets his exacting specifications...he also has Vietnamese iced coffee, granola with soymilk and pennywort juice. After Googling, I find that pennywort is good for arthritis, depression, memory, digestive problems and just about everything else that could possibly ail you.
Also opening soon are Jade, the raw foods restaurant, and Franklin Hills Cafe, also on Hyperion.