Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Blogiversary!

Left, lunch at Big Sur Bakery; right, homemade pesto, bruschetta
with homegrown tomatoes and syrah in the woods
Eating L.A. is one year old this month...a year ago I posted a few things before going to Big Sur for our annual camping weekend. We just returned from a week of eating, hiking and napping at Big Sur and I realized I've been doing this an entire year already! It's been a great year for blogging -- Eating L.A. has talked about cupcakes on Good Food, been invited to taste hot dogs, gelato, Thai food and more, made quite a few new friends and received dozens of really nice emails. Lots of other people are now blogging about eating in L.A. -- the more opinions, the better.

We cooked some pretty good meals at the campsite -- carne asada, dry-aged natural burgers, chili, mojo chicken and more -- and the only time we ate out was at the Big Sur Bakery. In addition to their great breads and baked goods, they serve a full lunch and dinner menu. It's not cheap, but nothing is in Big Sur. At lunch, we had split pea soup, garden salad with lemon dressing and a tomato and cheese sandwich on asiago sourdough and a creamy quiche. That's right, I actually ate raw tomatoes in Big Sur. But I'm going to have to stick to a policy of homegrown tomatoes only, I'm afraid.


Doran said...

Wow Wow Wow!!! Happy anniversary. Definitely one of my faves!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary/birthday, eating l.a.!

Simon said...

Pat there may be plenty of LA food bloggers but few who one can really trust. Keep up the good work,

Simon aka Low End Theory

Anonymous said...

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