Saturday, August 06, 2005

Drinks digest: Sake House Miro

(I'm sure the Sake House won't mind if I borrow a photo from their website.)
I'm filing this one under drinks, because while Sake House Miro does have izakaya dishes, yakitori and sushi, they serve more as accompaniments to the sake, beer and soju cocktails. It's not really an eating destination, but it's a great option in this under-served neighborhood near La Brea and Wilshire. As the website points out, the Sake House is a lot like walking into a neighborhood pub in 1970s Tokyo with Godzilla posters on the wall, vintage Japanese pay phones and cozy settees. The sushi at Sake House is serviceable, but I haven't really gotten to the cooked dishes yet. I'm looking forward to trying out their house fried chicken, grilled yellowtail collar, black cod, tofu steak with bonito and chile skewers. The friendly server recommended the smooth Kaori sake. Most sakes are in the $8 range for an ample glass; the cloudy unfiltered sake is $12 a bottle. With 15 kinds of sake to choose from, 2 for 1 sake on Mondays and 2 for 1 beer and soju on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this is a fun spot to stop in after work or before a movie for a drink and some small plates.
UPDATE: Sake House also makes a great bibimbap. See my review here.
Sake House Miro
809 S. La Brea
(323) 939-7075


Xericx said...

Oooh, I've been looking for a Japanese style bar like they have in Japan.

Last time I was in Japan, was for an exchange student program when I was host dad brought me to the local watering hole where they got me hammered and did some karaoke...great times!

BoLA said...

I've always wanted to stop in this little Sake House on La Brea and now I know to go on 2 for 1 Sake Mondays. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This establishment really compliments the old style of Japan. Food dishes are superb, and the atmosphere very inviting for any occasion. Great place for friends to hang out before clubbing, or dates. They offer Beer, Soju cocktails, and Sake selections. A must try while passing by on La Brea!

Anonymous said...

This is a real food desination, I swear! Bring a big group so you can order a bunch of everything. Highlights include platters of sizzling Korean BBQ,plump and juicy meatballs, fresh sashimi salads and light, crispy tempura. Even the tofu is seriously tasty. And the drinking IS great. I love how they bring a basket of assorted sake cups to the table, so you can choose your own!

Humby said...

Definitely reminds me of Japan!

Its all about the cooked dishes and the drinking! The yellow tail collar is tasty as is the pork belly (they serve it with a fried egg, so you can dip the pork pieces in the yolk!). I also love the snow crab tempura and all the little meat and veggie skewers.