Monday, May 23, 2005

Taste test: Suriyo Thai

It's possible that the best thing about Silver Lake's Suriyo Thai is their fancy plastic takeout containers, which can go in the microwave, to work with you the next day, and even be recycled for more leftovers. I should have taken a picture of them, since otherwise, all Thai food looks the same.
Now, the's ok. I know some people like their lunch specials. But despite a decent amount of heat in the "medium" dishes, the flavor just seems bland to me. This time, we had our traditional pad kee mao noodles (one of my tests of a Thai restaurant, especially since it's Matt's favorite), prik king with tofu and chicken with a green curry and eggplant. The prik king sauce was thin instead of hearty, and the green beans were nearly raw. The green curry sauce was also watery and bland. The pad kee mao was the best of the lot, but it was only adequate, certainly not like the carmelized goodness you can find at Nadpob, Torung or Sanamuluang. They deliver, which is a plus, but so do Mae Ploy and Rambutan. Los Feliz hoodies also enjoy Pattaya on Vermont, which I thought was pretty good as well. When Suriyo first opened, my impression was "Thai food for Americans who don't know any better," and while nothing was terrible, I'm afraid my first impression still applies.
Suriyo Thai Bistro
4114 Santa Monica Blvd.
Silver Lake
(323) 662-9052


Anonymous said...

Top Thai in Reseda has excellent curries.

7333 Reseda Boulevard
Reseda, CA
(818) 705-8902

Anonymous said...

I think your review is as stupid as the descripion of yourself. I have lived in Silverlake for about 10 years. I have seen that location change every six months, but ever since Suriyo Thai Bistro has opened this has not been the case. Suriyo Thai has been open for about 3 years. The reason they are still there? GREAT FOOD! My friends and I have been faithful customers of Suriyo Thai Bistro since they have opened. The food and service are great. I consider your comments "for Americans who don't know any better" to be a great insult. Who makes you the judge of what is good Thai food? My Thai friends don't even go to the places that you listed as better than Suriyo because they consider it to be junk food. So get your facts straight before you try to ruin a great restaurant's reputation. Suriyo Thai Bistro Rules!!! If you want fresh and tasty food you have to try Suriyo.

carlintown said...

I am at a loss as to why you Pat Saperstein have to prove how good a critic you are by running done a business. I have walk out of restaurants and never gone back due to bad food or service and the last one I walk out of closed after 3 months. I’m English, live in Thai Town, own a Thai business and eat in Thai restaurants all over LA, and some you put as “good tastes” is due mainly to the MSG they add to it. Top of that list is the Sanamuluang. I could name faults of the others you have listed but will not. I think you do not really know Asian food as well as you think you do. I have eaten all over Europe and Asia and worked in restaurants, my family are all good cooks and have owned restaurants. I feel better qualified than you but will not make that presumption. Please, if you must, don’t be negative just tell us the good ones. I can.

Anonymous said...

suriyo thai has the best brown rice in town

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I have to agree with Nancy Hillstone on this. Pat's review of Suriyo Thai Bistro is totally inappropriate and shows that a reviewer doesn't necessarily have good taste. I live in the San Fernando Valley and heard about Suriyo from a friend. I loved it! The noodle dishes and the red curry are some of the best I've ever had. I've even used them to cater events at work. Despite the fact that there are plenty of Thai restaurants in the Valley, I still regularly make the drive to Silver Lake to eat at Suriyo. I bring so many other non-locals who wholeheartedly agree that it's some of the best Thai food they've ever had. The service is excellent and judging from the comraderie I witnessed between other customers (who clearly were regulars) and the staff, many others agree. Looks to me like Pat is the "American who doesn't know any better."

Anonymous said...

After returning home from my trip to Silverlake I find myself thinking mostly about the great food and service my sister and friends had at Suriyo. I can't wait to visit again and taste the wonderful food at this restaurant. I have also seen many more Thai restaurants opening in Dallas which is definately overdue here in my opinion!

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