Saturday, May 21, 2005

News, Barragan's, Vegetarian's Delight

Sorry, haven't had much time to explore lately.
Kathy reports that they've removed the great go-go dancer sign on the new cafe at Rowena and Glendale and that construction is coming along well. They say they're opening June 25, but that seems optimistic.
She also says that Casa del Mar in Santa Monica is adding a sushi bar and sake menu, for those Westsiders who can never get enough raw fish.
And the kind-of hidden Johnnie's Bar on Sunset near Descanso (across from the Silver Lake Lounge, sorta) now has a sign up, just in case there weren't enough places to drink in Silver Lake already.
I've been revisiting old favorites lately. If you're in need of some carne asada tacos and a stiff margarita, it's hard to beat Barragan's. Actually the tacos are even better at Malo, but if you're with somebody who wants a blended margarita, or got forbid, a strawberry or melon flavored one, Barragan's is your place. The carne asada almost seemed deep-fried -- the meat was kind of like beef bacon bits tacos. This was not entirely unpleasant. And at Barragan's, you get guacamole with the tacos, which is a plus.

carne asada tacos, Barragan's
I needed some cardamom, so I picked up a paneer dosa at India's Sweets and Spices. They're now calling the restaurant portion Vegetarian's Delight, and if you're casting a Beck video or an episode of the new UPN drama about twentysomethings in Silver Lake, this is the place to find the extras. I'm sorry to report my dosa, filled with cheese, vegetables and zingy peppers, was more greasy than usual. But the ordering system seems a bit more organized, and the long waits are improved.

paneer dosa, India Sweets and Spices

1538 W. Sunset Blvd.
(213) 250-4256
India's Sweets and Spices/Vegetarian's Delight
3126 Los Feliz Blvd.


Dan said...

I’ll never understand the appeal of Barragan’s. It seems like a Mexican restaurant in Portland. I guess there is not much alternative in the area if you are looking for a mid-range sit-down place. Mexico City is blah. I agree that Malo’s tacos are better, but somehow I expect more from the place and haven’t had the urge to return after a few tries. At least Barragan’s doesn’t set a high expectation. Okay, I see your point. But I’d still rather go down to La Fonda for Margaritas or Antojito's Denise and eat on the street.

Restauranteurs, take note.

poppus said...

One reason I've never tried Barragan's is probably the not-so-subconscious flicker of "Bennigan's" that hits me when I see the exterior...For a midrange alternative, albeit one without a liquor license, why not Alegria? You can bring your own beer AND you can see what you're eating. Too many disappointing meals and bad-to-rude service at Mexico City have kept me away since '97.

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