Monday, April 18, 2005

News and notes

Sorry for the lack of wasn't a very chowish weekend. Some nice takeout from Mae Ploy, and I tried Nigella Lawson's maple ribs and chicken recipe -- not bad. My chicken skin came out much blacker than the picture, though, even though Nigella said not to turn it. Went to the L.A. Family School spring fair -- spotted Laura Dern and her baby with Ben Harper in the crowd of kids and scored a $40 certificate from Agra for just $20 at the Silent Auction -- does anyone have any recommendations there?

Trader Joe's product of the week: tuna in very spicy Panang curry sauce. Pair it with the new pre-cooked packets of brown rice, and you've got an instantly delicious, healthy meal.

Interesting story about hot sauce piracy in the L.A. Times -- now I've heard everything.

I'm reading a really interesting food memoir called Never Eat Your Heart Out by Judith Moore. I like the way she weaves together subjects like adultery and pie or small town religion and canning. It's surprising, though, that she's the author of Fat Girl, because the book never touches on weight issues - it's mostly a celebration of pre-women's lib small town living, complete with church socials, jello molds and experiments in gourmet cooking. But now I'm dying for some spiced peaches and her complex, adulterous chutney.