Monday, March 21, 2005

Bloggers party down

Thanks to Jackie and Brian for hosting a great L.A. bloggers party. Jackie, a blog consultant visiting from London, must be missing good American hamburgers. She said the burgers she's had at the Farm at the Grove and at Chaya Brasserie were both quite good. She also enjoyed Raffi's in Glendale, which I need to try since I've already been to Elena's, which seems to be a similar kebab parlor. Bloggers seem to subsist mainly on booze and potato chips, but I do have one culinary observation from the evening -- believe it or not, the venerable Damiano's Mr. Pizza has a damn good crust, possibly the closest to a New York-tasting crust I've had lately. Take that, Nicky D's.


Miles said...

Elena's has fantastic falafel and hummus. The atmosphere leaves a lot too be desired, so I always take it home. It's been a while and just thinking about it, makes me salivate!

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