Monday, February 07, 2005

Taste test: Pollos a la Brasa

Here's another installment in my continuing series of places I really should have tried by now. We stopped by Pollos a la Brasa this weekend with the young'uns who will normally eat roast chicken, if not much else. The little stand on the corner of 8th and Western has a pleasant wood-burning scent wafting down the block. Inside, dozens of chickens turn over the wood-fired spit, several people wait for to-go orders, and a few of us cram into the few tables in back. We ordered a whole chicken with salad and fries, at about $12. It takes a little longer to prepare than Zankou, but what doesn't? The chicken is a lovely nut-brown beast, with a slightly spicy marinade and an ok, but not terribly moist interior. The house green sauce has only one taste note: pureed jalapenos. The kids pronounce the fries excellent, and indeed, they're some of the more tasty I've had lately.

Sam, chicken and fries
Sam and Matt are thumbs up on the chicken; Sophie perversely prefers the one I got from the Ralph's warming table last week, but she's picky.
Pluses: On my way home from work, good fries, nice skin. Overall a solid contender.
Minuses: Not sure the fries and salad are worth $4 more than Zankou's bird and pitas. Not to be stubborn, but I still prefer the moistness and garlicky skin at Zankou.
Pollos a la Brasa
764 S. Western
Los Angeles
Archived comments:
brian said...
Tough to compete with the garlic spread and anything at zankou. But then again, a tasty order of fries goes a long way too!
jimmypermo said...
My best roast chicken was the weekend-only King Taco roaster I had this weekend. Still a big Zankou fan, especially with all the condiments
Anonymous said...
They also have a location in the "Moneta" section of Gardena at 16527 South Vermont Avenue. It's north of Artesia Boulevard/91 and west of the 110. The telephone number is (310) 715-2494.