Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What are your New Year's resolutions?

Strange how mine all have to do with food...
1) Make every bite count. This basically translates to more chocolates from Picholine, fewer Fig Newtons from the office vending machine.
3) More vegetables, and better ones. Cook that broccoli rabe wilting in the fridge, experiment with something wierd like rutabagas.
4) No more steam table food from Variety's Wednesday night catered dinners -- bring real vegetables, fish, etc. from home.
5) Learn to cook some other kind of fish besides salmon and trout. Start with the black cod recipe in today's L.A. Times.
6) Buy some decent glasses for your friends, so Eating L.A. will not be reduced to serving champagne in blue tumblers from the Cannes Monoprix, like I did on New Year's.
7) Try more restaurants, blog much more!

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Jessica said...

You might find delish results with rutabagas when cubed along with carrots and beets, and tossed and into a pot of small lentils (smaller is ideal but "beluga" variety not required) cooked with chicken or veggie stock and plenty of onions and shallots. Good luck!