Saturday, November 06, 2004


Eating L.A. turned into Drinking L.A. for a night for the launch party for Modern Spirits infused vodka. Luckily for us, the first flavor being launched was chocolate-orange, a delish dessert in a shot glass that would go down pretty nicely in a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. We liked it just fine all by its lonesome, though. Modern Spirits is the lovechild of travel and food writer Litty Mathew and her hubby Melkon Khosravian, and we first tasted their vodka at a taste test party where guests had to vote on 20 flavors -- everything from lavender to kumquat -- divided into spring, fall, winter and summer selections. Last night, after several samples of the chocolate-orange and a few homemade chocolate truffles to clear the palate, we were asked to vote again on the next flavor for commercial availability: candied ginger, grapefruit or French tea. The ginger had a powerful spicy kick with a sweet finish, which made it the hands down winner. It's tasty on its own but I was also thinking of tropical desserts involving coconut sorbet, ginger vodka, and who knows what else. The chocolate-orange, perfect for a Christmas house present, is available at Larchmont Village Wine and Spririts and DiamondStar on Third St, with more flavors soon to follow.


Professor Salt said...

I'm not a vodka drinker because it has no flavor, but these sound kinda good in a flavored tea / boutique ice cream sorta way. I wonder how the kumquat vodka would work in a slushy boba drink?

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