Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Spago, AOC top Chowhound's Ultimate L.A. Restaurant list

Chowhound's Mr. Grub asked posters on the L.A. Chowhound board to put together a list of their top five restaurants for special occasions or to take out of town visitors to. The Chowhounds interpreted these directions quite liberally, with several votes for Zankou, Langer's and Tacos Baja Ensenada -- perhaps not special occasion restaurants, but certainly worthy of out of town visitors. Here's the list of restaurants that got more than six votes. The full list and comments on it are here (corrected version) and here (uncorrected version, but with more comments).
Spago 113
AOC 73
Water Grill 61
Lucques 50
Urasawa 35
Grace 30
Angelini 24
Melisse 23
Sea Harbour 19
Joe’s 19
Campanile 18
Josie 17
Saddle Peak Lodge 16
Valentino 15
Mako 13
Mori Sushi 12
Parkway Grill 11
Nozawa 9
Lawry’s 9
Langer’s 8
Asanebo 8
Matsuhisa 8
Phillipe’s 8
Vincente 8
Zankou Chicken 8
Wa Sushi 7
Giorgio Baldi 7
Sona 7
Table 8 6
Chinois 6
Echigo 6
Mastro’s 6
Nanbankan 6


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