Thursday, September 23, 2004

Rant of the Day: Food Nation

Last night the Food Network's "Food Nation with Bobby Flay" happened to visit Los Angeles. Yet another travelling food show seems to get it completely wrong. OK, I'll give him the obligatory pilgrimages to Pink's and Tommy's, even though there's better dogs and burgers to be found elsewhere. And I suppose a visit to Wolfgang Puck is de rigueur as well, although...yawn. But when Bobby attempts to visit Farmer's Market, he gets it all wrong. First he waxes on about the beauty of the produce, which unfortunately is no longer what FM is all about. Then he meets up with some ex-New Yorkers, who tell him barbecue in L.A. isn't that great. Then he manages to completely bypass Loteria, Banana Leaf, the crepe place, and anything else with a shred of flavor and uniqueness, only to end up with ...a bagel and lox? Where do you even get that at Farmer's Market? The ex-New York actress/model then tells him that bagels aren't that great outside of New York...duh. Oh, well, obviously the smarmy Bobby Flay doesn't deserve a Bob's Donuts apple fritter anyway. From Tony Bourdain's Kafkaesque Oki-dog visit to Rachael Ray's questionable choice of the Authentic Cafe, I just want to know, do the producers of these shows ever talk to anyone who actually lives in L.A.?


funkyjenn said...

LOL- Pat, you got that all right! I didn't see the ep but what HORRIBLE decisions! I produce television and I can tell you- if I was doing a show on NY hotspots, you wouldn't find me going to Tavern. Ugh. This is reprehensible!

Anonymous said...

That's right, Patty! You tell them. I can't believe they missed all the good things about Farmer's Market! By the way, I LOVE your Blog. I want to go live INSIDE your BLOG...Can I do that, please? And that picture of the hot dog and fries--TO DIE FOR! Bring on the plate of crunchy tiny fish with shimmering eyes!
Hey all you foodies in webland, Patty is the true goddess of gourmet. Listen to my biatch. She knows what she's talking about, peace y'all!
Ratboy Ramin

santos. said...

as much as i am loathe to defend anything bobby flay, and i agree the farmer's market segment was wretched, i believe that particular episode was produced sometime in 2001-2002 (the episode guide has it in the middle of the 2nd series, the san diego episode was shot in 2001).

i don't recall when loterĂ­a and banana leaf opened, but i believe it was sometime in the middle of 2002...? there's a chance neither was open at the time of filming. in any case, it was a poor representation.

perhaps the ex-new yorkers were the only ones who would talk to him.

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