Thursday, August 12, 2004

Welcome to Eating L.A.

Since lablogs has decided to link this site, I guess it's time to go live. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave comments or email suggestions of new restaurants, places to try or anything especially tasty you've eaten lately. I'll be in Big Sur for the next week eating mostly s'mores, but I'll resume posting plenty of Eating L.A. news as soon as I return. When I get back, I'll post my still-developing recipe for s'mores with handcrafted mocha marshmallows and Scharffenberger chocolate.

In the meantime, check out Jonathan Gold's column on tamales from different regions of Latin America available at Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe and from street vendors in MacArthur Park. This is one of the first times the byzantine L.A. city government has legally approved street vendors to sell anything besides boring, warmed-over hotdogs -- so it bodes well for neighborhood revitalization efforts.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pat, if you go to Big Sur, be sure to stop at the big Sur Bakery in the morning for their GINGER SCONES. Worth the trip just for that, although dinner at same is quite good (we went there three nights in a row.
I'll wait till you come back for my rant against Lemongrass -- a sham of a place where i had my most disgusting meal in a long time, even in Silverlake.

Philippe Garnier

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