Friday, August 13, 2004

Restaurant news and mini-review

First of all, mini-review on the Banana Leaf, Farmer's Market. I had the mi goreng, which is fried noodles and vegetables with some curried chicken cubes on top. It tasted pretty much just like I remember from Malaysia and Indonesia, and most of the people eating there were Malaysian, which is pretty unusual for Farmer's Market -- I mean, you don't see Cajuns eating at the Gumbo Pot, right? There's a choice of mild, medium or spicy -- I got spicy, of course -- and it had a nice subtle burn to it. The fresh limeade cut the grease, which was the good kind of grease, not the greasy kind of grease. I'll be back for the gado gado and the beef rendang. I think this place will be a keeper.

And now, the news: There's a new stand in Farmer's Market called the Village, which specializes in boerek. What's that? Well, their slogan is "handmade fresh-baked brick oven flat bread made for you." They're kind of like Lebanese pizzas, with toppings of egg, spinach, chicken, etc. The side dishes look interesting with several types of eggplant, chard and bean salads.

Also, crepes are finally coming to the Eastside at Masa's, opening soon at Sunset and Lemoyne in Echo Park. A nice French fellow on the phone told me they would be open "morning, noon and night" after August 20 or so, and will serve crepes, panini, pizza and pastries. The Echo Park restaurant scene could definitely use a little fresh blood and this place sounds very promising.


Anonymous said...

And where is this Famer's Market?

LYT said...

Based on the reference to the GUmbo Pot, it's gotta be the one at Third and Fairfax.

The sushi place there is decent too, if limited in selection.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to locate a phone number for Masa's...nothing is listed. Where did you find the number originally? And is the place open yet, it's well after Aug. 20th!

Anonymous said...

nevermind! found it! just opened yesterday, Aug. 28. Nice crepes!

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