Friday, August 06, 2004

Places I've been meaning to try

I really need to get to Renu Nakorn in Norwalk. It's supposed to be the best Thai restaurant in Southern California, or used to be anyway.
Here's a few other places I'm contemplating:
Meilong Village - Chinese in San Gabriel
Luscious Dumplings - Chinese in San Gabriel
Casa Bianca - pizza in Eagle Rock (no, for some reason I still haven't been there)
Saladang Song - Thai in Pasadena
Golden Village - Burmese in Whittier

and when I win the lottery: Josie - Santa Monica

Other suggestions welcomed.


Instapi said...

Hey Pat, Casia Bianca is better than your wildest dreams! The problem is the queuing for a table. If I remember well, they don't take reservations and have you wait for 30 minutes on the friendly sidewalk. Otherwise, superb and very reasonably priced. Hope you can try it soon!
It's great to have you blog. A plua tard, e

tom naka said...

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