Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lucky Duck in Silver Lake Closing

After not quite a year in business, Lucky Duck in Silver Lake is closing this weekend, according to an employee. The upscale bistro from the Square One folks in a Hyperion Ave. mini-mall never quite found a following despite some very solid cooking and a popular weekend brunch menu. It's not terribly surprising -- the restaurant's owners never did much publicity or neighborhood outreach and the prices were fairly high, though not outrageous in a neighborhood that supports Canele, Barbrix, Blair's and Cafe Stella. And even without the curse of Fritzie's, it's kind of an odd location for a fine dining experience.

So what's on tap for the space?  UPDATE: Word is that the Japanese restaurant that was thinking of taking the Lucky Duck space will instead be located at the former Atwater Village Farm space.

Ramen, it seems. It's not surprising that more people would want to get into that business since the crowds at Silver Lake Ramen are truly amazing, night after night. The couple that is bringing a noodley concept to the space has never run a restaurant before, apparently, but let's hope they learn quickly and that this space will finally be a place where we can walk over for a reasonably-priced bite to eat.


Miles said...

We ate there twice. Once for dinner and once for brunch. Dinner was good but not great, close to when it just opened. Then we went for brunch and it was absolutely outstanding with the best breakfast potatoes I've ever had in LA. A shame, but ramen might be interesting.

JimmyC said...

I'm truly sorry to see Lucky Duck close. I really had fantastic meals there. Thanks for giving it a try!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know when they reopened. they should have tried more publicity