Monday, January 23, 2012

Tijuana trolley to Manhattan: The New Yorker on Javier Plascencia

In this week's New Yorker, Dana Goodyear profiles Javier Plascencia, the Tijuana chef who is a vital figure in bringing respect and reason to dining in Baja California. Goodyear made numerous trips to Baja to research the profile called The Missionary: A Food Renaissance in Baja, one of them with our October blogger trip (in which Dave Lieberman and Javier Cabral make anonymous cameos, while Bill Esparza gets a few shout-outs). It's a fascinating read (I especially liked the details about Plascencia's youthful experiments with earrings and eyeliner.)
I'm sure the savvy will find a way to read it for free, but why not buy a copy of the New Yorker, and actually help support the company that was able to let Goodyear pursue the story in several thousand words?


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I just found out about this! :)