Sunday, October 10, 2010

Historic L.A.: We still call it Columbus Day

I just got back from Berkeley, where the Cheese Board and others have apparently changed the name of tomorrow's holiday to Indigenous People's Day.
Little Joe's in 1962, before remodeling
In L.A., it's still Columbus Day, I was reminded by this article in the Daily News about L.A.'s Italian heritage. I don't remember eating at Little Joe's restaurant in Chinatown, but it was quite a community staple, opening in 1897 as the Italian-American Grocery Store. Next Saturday afternoon, the Taste of Italy event Downtown will benefit the in-the-works Italian American Museum of Los Angeles.
Did you ever try Little Joe's before it closed in 1998?


EL CHAVO! said...

Yes, many of us do call it Indigenous People's Day.

Fuck Columbus and his discovering of us.

chezcherie said...

in berkeley, the parking meters indicate the holidays on which parking is free, and indigenous people's day is one of those.
re: little joe's--my dad's sister married into the family that owned little joe's (the nuccios). i have dim memories of the spaghetti and meatballs, but clearer memories of being invited back to the massive kitchen on each visit. as a child, that was such an amazing, steamy, bustling environment. i also have a memory of shuffling my maryjanes through the sawdust on the floor, and a waiter pretending to notice a silver dollar i'd "found" there, and giving it to me. like christmas!

Colleen said...

We've called it Indigenous People's Day for years, because that's how it is celebrated Sequoyah School, where our kids went to grade school.

As for Little Joe's, yes, I remember it well. Not the food, which was easy to forget, but the vibe and the setting-- very old L.A., and my parents would always run into friends there. I think we even had a pre-wedding dinner there, but it was 27 years ago and I can't remember that far back anymore!