Friday, September 03, 2010

Nibble Bit Tabby Brewery: 5 facts for local beer lovers

There's even a beer tap made in brewmaster Brian Lethcoe's image
 A L.A. Beer Scene, At Long Last, FoodGPS announced today, and the post was well-timed for the grand opening of Nibble Bit Tabby Brewery south of Downtown. I stopped by for a taste of Extra Special Bitter today and found out what you need to know about L.A.'s second brewery.

1. What does Nibble Bit Tabby mean? It's a old joke from Nibble Bit Tabby Brewery owner Brian Lethcoe's Nevada youth meaning "a wee bit chilly" or some such.
2. What's the Twitter handle? Nibble don't tweet, nor does it have a website. But it does have a Facebook page.
3. Can you taste Nibble Bit beer at the brewery? No, and south Santa Fe Ave. downtown isn't really where you probably want to hang out anyway. A tasting room might be in the works in a year or so though. In the meantime, find Downtown L.A.'s only native beer at bars including Pure Luck, Eagle Rock Brewing, Tony's Darts Away and Downtown's Down and Out. Also look for bottles at Whole Foods and elsewhere in the next year.
Seven barrels can accomodate two or three beers brewing at a time
4. Are these good beers for a hophead? No, Lethcoe prefers less hoppy beers influenced by several beer traditions, though he'll make an IPA once a year. Right now, try a mellow, full-bodied ESB or Uncle Ernie's Irish Red, with Pale Ale coming soon.
5. Hey, maybe I'll start a brewery in L.A.! Must be easy money, right? Not so fast. Lethcoe and his partner Loyd Kattro have been working nearly 24/7 for three years to line up all the right permits. Like Eagle Rock Brewery, they've forged a path for other breweries who might have an easier time now. But it took a last-ditch appeal to the health department directly from Mayor Villaraigosa to finally get the place open. Yes, the partners are available for consulting to other breweries.


stuffycheaks said...

Great find! We need more of these in LA

Food GPS said...

Cool article. I just drank the Nibble Bit Tabby ESB tonight at Boneyard Bistro and tried Uncle Arnie's Irish Red recently. Brian and Loyd are off to a promising start and I wish them luck.

Anonymous said...

Tried the Irish Red last night at Tony's on 7th, it was delicious. I'm glad to see a Stateside brewer staying away from the over-hoppy trend!

Anonymous said...

Hops are not a trend, hops are beer. You literally do not have beer without your liberal use of hops, you have grist. Which is fine for those times want to pay homage to the deep history of beer making, but not for every day use. I had a pint of Uncle Arnie's at the York last weeks, it was flat, then dead water by the end. I wish you guys the best of luck on Nibble Bit, and I know I got a bad pint from the joint, but heads up on temperature control during fermentation or something. It tasted like one of my early home-brews, or something. Can't wait to pick up a six pack at Whole Foods, though. You guys are pioneers. Huzzah!